Water Damage Restoration in Orlando Florida

At CEO Restoration, we understand that sometimes there are unexpected situations that cause a lot of damage and loss. Whether it be a flood from a hurricane or a fast water leak, sometimes you can't prevent disasters. That's why we specialize in water damage restoration services in order to fully restore our customers' homes to its pre-loss condition. We are completely understanding and empathetic to this difficult time and do everything in our power to meet all your needs and make your life easier. 

Call now if you've experienced the following:

  • Basement floods
  • Water leaks
  • Kitchen floods
  • Crawlspace floods
  • Or any other water damage issue!

We have all the knowledge and skills in order to remove all water and dry your home fully in order to prevent toxic mold growth and ensure you will be living in a healthy, clean environment after a disaster. It's important to start removing water as soon as possible before it spreads even more damage throughout your home. We are available 24/7 for your convenience so we can help when you need it the most! 

When you start to feel hopeless, just call our services at 407-519-2107 and we'll make sure we restore your home to its fullest potential! We are highly skilled professionals and know exactly what to do in order to prevent further water damage, mold growth, and reconstruct the damaged areas!

Services Area

In addition to the Orlando metro area we offer Water Damage Restoration services for the following communities: Kissimmee, and more.

Common Questions

What are the most common jobs you do for your customers?

Water damages are the most common. Regarding the sources, I'd say pipe burst/leakage and roof leaks are the most usual sources.

What is your pricing? / How do you establish pricing for your work?

Our estimate is prepared using the same software used by insurance companies. The customer will receive an itemized invoice by the completion of the project along with photos, reports and any other supporting documentation.

Describe a recent project / job you did. What was the job? How did you go about it? How much did it cost? How long did it take?

Recently we were called on a job due to a leak in the bathroom. Upon arrival our technicians did a quick interview with the homeowner to understand the situation and started the initial inspection using thermal imaging camera and moisture meters. The owner reported that she noticed the carpet by the vanity to be damp last night. We discovered a leak in the sink cold supply line. The leak was active for at least 48hrs as possible microbial growth was noted when the carpet was lifted. We explained to the owner in details what we had found and what would be required, by the standards, to recover her property to a pre-loss condition. Upon completion of the drying process, which took 5 days, a mold remediation was required. The walls had to me removed 4 feet high in the entire perimeter of the bathroom as growth was noted in all the wallboards. Following the removal of the materials and the microbial cleaning, a IEP (indoor environmental professional) performed a post remediation verification giving us clearance. This took an additional 7 days. At this time we were ready to start the reconstruction portion. Materials had already been chosen with the homeowner including a new vanity and countertop, flooring, baseboards and painting. 6 days later we met the homeowner to do the final walk through and deliver the project. As expected no issues were noted and we have another satisfied customer. All billing was sent directly to the insurance company.

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